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Added functionality to arrow pad.  Left and right arrow now turn left
and right by 1/16th of a turn, and up and down arrow are +/-1 warp.
Two new key functions, control+[ and control+] to handle the new
turn key actions.  To turn effectively, one has to hold down the turn
key, however if any other keyboard key is pressed during that time,
it cancels the key repeat on the turn key, making keyboard turning
awkward at best.  Completely useless at worst.  Does provide the
ability to move without a mouse however.  Still need the mouse to
aim however.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- the left and right arrow keys are now mapped to turn left and turn right, they execute
+  a turn request for a 1/16 turn in the desired direction.  I personally find it awkward
+  but if someone is playing without a mouse for whatever reason, it allows them to move
+  at least.  Since using the arrow pad requires a keyboard equivalent key, and these
+  are new keyactions, there are now 2 less available key sequences.  Control+[ is now
+  mapped to turn left, and control+] is turn right, these keys were selected to be as
+  out of the way as possible to avoid conflicts with existing keymaps.
+- the up and down arrow keys now are mapped to accelerate and deccelerate
 - changed how message scrolling works in richtext windows.  If the mouse is over a
   message window AND message position isn't already at the bottom of the window,
   it will not scroll upon receiving a new message, as it is likely you are scrolling