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Moved reinitialization of SDB buffers from WM_EXITSIZEMOVE to WM_SIZE,
as moving to the latter ensures correct clipping rectangle is set.
Moved initstars() to be after TWINSIDE is changed, fixes regression.

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   In the case of the main window, it won't save placement, for now (complicated to do).
   All other windows will obey size and placements you give them.  Hopefully this takes
   some of the pain out of setting up windows (you should be able to do it without
-  having to edit netrekrc hopefully).
+  having to edit netrekrc).
 - new netrekrc option "saveFile: name" to control what filename you write to when you
   save your options in game (either with " key or via the save menu).  Default is now
   netrekrc, so that means if you save in-game, it will overwrite your netrekrc with