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Terminate() calls within the network thread were causing errors due to
longjump() into the input thread.  A new function, terminate2() deals with
such cases.  Instead of calling longjump() directly, the main thread is
exited via W_TerminateWait() and ExitThread() calls, and a global error
variable is used to pass the exit code to setjmp in cowmain.c
This bit of code was previously used in death.c to handle jumping out
of the network thread to the main thread upon being sent to the team
select entry window.  All terminate() calls in socket.c have been modified
to use the appropriate version (terminate/terminate2) depending on
if THREADED is defined.

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 15) Fixed galactic and tactical planet names so they are centered on planets.
 16) Phaser misses on sturgeon servers now show proper phaser length based on
 how many phaser upgrades the ship has.
+17) Certain abnormal game terminations (such as caused by a server exiting
+the daemon) will no longer crash the client, instead client will just exit
 New features:
 1) Main window titlebar now shows your loginname and slot number, in addition