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Following COW patch "50 fps, accept new UPS feature packet", client and server now negotiate
a update rate.  Default is 50, but it still works with older servers running at 10 fps.
Preliminary work on compiling with cygwin - added some headers for compile purposes, a few new
Cygwin #ifdefs, 3 new cygwin makefiles that don't work yet (and probably never will without outside

--- NEW FILE: makecyg ---
# This makefile is written for Cygwin

# Cygwin
cc     = bcc32
rc     = brcc32
link   = ilink32
compileandlink = bcc32

all: curslib.dll

RESOURCES = curslib.res

$(RESOURCES): curslib.rc
	$(rc) -FOcurslib.res curslib.rc

curslib.dll:  $(RESOURCES)
	$(link) -Tpd -aa -V4.0 -c -x C0d32.OBJ, curslib.dll,, import32.lib cw32i.lib, , $(RESOURCES)

	del curslib