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Change to border refresh rate.  Doesn't needlessly redraw unless using the new ship bitmaps,
and even with those, it redraws at most 10 times/sec, as this is a CPU intensive function.  Added
bonus that ships can now be seen in the border region, increasing tactical viewable range.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.2: (Released Feb-2007)
+- border refresh now works slightly differently for those using the new color bitmaps
+  (colorClient = 4), ships can now be seen along the border edges that were normally
+  not drawn, allowing players to get a slightly increased viewable tactical range.
 - fixed bug where observers who right-mouse click lose their lock icon
 - changed warning message timer to be in tenths of seconds rather than updates/sec
 - changed keepInfo netrekrc option from updates to tenths of seconds, so info wins