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Documentation/todo list updates.
Fix to message window bug - if a message window was unmapped, but it received a message of greater than
half window height (i.e. an all board macro when all board isn't mapped, due to user instead using the all in one
review window), the call to UpdateWindow was not painting the unmapped window, thus the added string
count was not decremented, thus the program was trying to repeatedly trying and failing to redraw/flush the
unmapped window.  Thus it seems best to just go through the normal flush function for these unmapped windows,
rather than break out of the function early in hopes the redraw scrolling function gets called.

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 The following options will NOT work with Windows 95/98/ME, due to the use of a native
 Windows transform function that was not added until Windows 2000:
-newClock: on
+newQuit: on
 colorClient: 4
+In addition on older, slow computers you may not want to use
+planetBitmapGalaxy: 3
+as there are more frequent planet redraws on the galactic, and it may cause a 
+performance hit.
 So in conclusion, don't have any of those above options in your netrekrc, and the client 
 should work fine!
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