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Fixed bug with metaserver - if server entry in metacache indicated one status, and we
receive a new server packet with a different status, that packet is no long rejected
based on packet age, new packets are considered priority in case of such a 
Added 9  new star trek theme songs.
Added 3 new netrekrc options (newSoundEffects, newSoundMusic, and newSoundMusicBkgd)
that allow for sound effect and music playback to be toggled separately.
Random intro sounds (instead of just the typical Kirk intro) - now all 5 trek series are represented.
Random genocide sounds (4 end themes from the trek series).
Music now fades out over 5 seconds upon entering game, rather than ending abruptly.

Index: netrekrc
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--- netrekrc	21 Dec 2006 13:48:26 -0000	1.16
+++ netrekrc	31 Jan 2007 07:06:36 -0000	1.17
@@ -173,6 +173,15 @@
 # Use new layered, stereo sound
 newSound: on
+# Play sound effects (newSound only)
+newSoundEffects: on
+# Play music (newSound only)
+newSoundMusic: on
+# Play theme music in background (requires newSound and newSoundMusic)
+newSoundMusicBkgd: off
 # Use 3D sound effects (only works if newSound is on)
 newSoundAngles: off

Index: netrekrc_options.txt
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+++ netrekrc_options.txt	31 Jan 2007 07:06:36 -0000	1.21
@@ -121,7 +121,11 @@
 # off - old style
 newQuit:                  (on/off) use new quit window
-newSound:                 (on/off) use layered, stereo sound   
+newSound:                 (on/off) use layered, stereo sound
+newSoundEffects:          (on/off) play sound effects (newSound only)
+newSoundMusic:            (on/off) play music (newSound only)
+newSoundMusicBkgd:        (on/off) play theme music in background
+                          (this option requires newSound and newSoundMusic to be on)
 newSoundAngles:           (on/off) use 3D sound effects (only works if newSound is on)
 omitTeamLetter:           (on/off) omit team letter on galaxy
 orishipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps

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@@ -1,4 +1,13 @@
 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.2: (Released Jan-2007)
+- three new netrekrc options, which are newSoundEffects, newSoundMusic, and newSoundMusicBkgd.
+  The first toggles sound effects on/off, the second toggles music on/off, the third plays
+  a mix of star trek theme music continually in the background.  Thus, if you wish to play
+  with only music, you can.  If you want to play with only sound effects, you can.  Or both.
+  Or neither.  Defaults are on for sound effects and music, and off for background music.
+- the client can now play music files, 9 star trek themed music files from the various
+  star trek series have been added.  Random intro themes will play on client connect, and
+  random end credits themes will play on genocide.  Music is only available with the newSound
+  option on, as it uses SDL.  These new music files are in the .ogg format.
 - servers that don't respond to metaping are not saved in the UDPcache, as they are likely
 - fixed some bugs relating to message windows, most noticeably, messages that are