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Main change:
1) The way memory was set up for all the weapons/planets/player structs
was changed.  Instead of a static struct memory universe, it was changed
to malloc calls during entry.  A bunch of new functions (for paradise) were
called to dealloc this memory and realloc if it a game parameter packet
was received which indicated new array sizes.  Currently there is only
partial support for increasing torp/plasma array sizes, and no support for
increasing number of phasers per ship.  Maxplayer, while dynamic in
paradise client, was too much a PITA to realloc on the fly without changing
all the MAXPLAYER checks, so I'm keeping it constant at 257 for paradise,
rather than trying to save some memory by downsizing it if the actual number
of players is less.  Paradise does something weird in that it has a max player
value for what the server says, and a second max player value for what
the client can actually handle.  I'm not going to go that route, just keeping
1 maxplayer value thank you very much.
Paradise only changes:
1) Add support for adjustable gwidth, it starts at 100000, but if a planet loc
packet is sent beyond this range, it increases to 200000.  Very stupid, but
that's how paradise does it.  Wouldn't seem to support galaxies with sizes
other than these 2 values.
2) Increased paradise planet window size so it wasn't getting cut off.
Bronco changes:
1) Support new server change from rank defense to rank offense.
2) Renamed view to viewboxview for drawing viewbox.
3) Removed unnecessary bounds check on drawing lockline.

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