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Added headingTic functionality.  A white tic is drawn at some distance from
your ship, indicating your heading.  A smaller tic is drawn indicating your
desired heading, or in the case that you are locked onto a target, indicating
the direction to that target.  Previously unused p_desdir variable now being
used for these calculations.  This smaller tic is white, except for the case of
player/planet lock, in which case the tic is green.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- added "headingTic: (on)/off" to draw a tick mark indicating your ship's heading, as well
+  as a smaller secondary mark indicating where you are turning to, or in the case of when
+  you are locked on to a player/planet, indicating the direction to that player/planet.
+  This option helps with aiming in hockey and hitting cloaked ships you are locked on to.
 - added "lockLine: (on)/off" to draw a dashed green line on the galactic map between your
   ship and the target you are locked on to, whether it be a player or a planet.
 - added "tractorID: (on)/off" to draw the player number of the person you are tractoring