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Fix for macro crash bug with sending macros through the playerlist to
enemies who were not visible.
Added mapSort functionality.  Separates planet list to show ind planets
first, then your team's planets, then your largest enemy's planets, then
your second largest enemy's planets, then the last remaining team, and
finally the unknown planets.  Also added separator lines to both the
sorted and unsorted planet list.  Separator lines occur at regular 10
planet intervals in the unsorted list, so as to show each team's
original planets.  In the sorted list, they appear as divisors between
the current planet owners (rather than original owners).

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- fixed macro crash bug with sending macros to invisible players on the playerlist
+- added "mapSort: (on)/off" to sort the planet list, with your planets first, then the planets
+  of the other teams, starting with the team with the most players.
 - the planet list window can now be used with info, lock and certain RCDs.  In other words,
   you can lock onto planets through the planet list window, and send planet-related RCDs
   through the window as well.