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The default configuration file has been changed from netrekrc to netrekrc.txt
to make life easier on Windows users.  Extensionless filenames are a unix
artifact and it's just for the better this way, in the long run.
Moved netrekrc.txt file from docs folder to a new folder called netrekrc, just
makes for easier/more logical build routine.  Previously, text files in the same
source docs folder were copied to different destination folders.  Now each
source folder only has items that get sent to the same destination folder.
Cambot playback speed 9 is now halfway between speed 8 and max speed,
to provide a finer control over speed at the highest playback speeds.  Of
course > and < work just fine too.
Default playback speed now assumes 10 updates/sec instead of 6.5/sec.
Double buffering now used for cambot playback.  Fixes the issue with border
redraw so that's turned back on too.
Moved cambot playback delay variable pbdelay from local to global, so that
receiving a FPS feature packet will set the playback speed.

--- netrekrc DELETED ---

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diff -u -d -r1.195 -r1.196
--- changes.txt	12 May 2007 20:26:57 -0000	1.195
+++ changes.txt	14 May 2007 02:56:38 -0000	1.196
@@ -74,6 +74,19 @@
 23) Cambot playback, cambot record, and console window symbolic links are no
 longer included in the distribution.  Cambot is most easily played/recorded
 with the cambot utility, and console window is now default to on.
+24) Cambot playback speed key 9 is now not quite the fastest speed, it's twice
+as fast as speed 8, but the fastest speed key is now !.
+                            *** Important ***
+The default configuration file filename has been changed from netrekrc to
+netrekrc.txt.  This is so that opening the netrekrc can be done with any text
+editor.  The convention of having a config file without a file extension dates
+back to the unix root of the client, and while previous client maintainers have
+danced around the issue by allowing support for either netrekrc or netrekrc.txt,
+none took the plunge and changed the default naming to be Windows friendly.
+Well, we have now took the plunge!  The config utility AND in game save key will
+now modify netrekrc.txt.
+                          *** End Important ***
 1) New graphics for the team select windows, and new option
@@ -127,6 +140,10 @@
 This fixes the last known "crash bug".  There still may exist times when the
 client is seen to freeze, such as upon ghostbust or slot being freed in INL,
 as the client hopes to re-establish a connection and thus doesn't exit.
+18) Cambot playback now recognizes the framerate that the game was recorded at,
+and adjusts default playback speed accordingly.
+19) Cambot now uses double buffering during playback, so that everything looks
 New features:
 1) Main window titlebar now shows your loginname and slot number, in addition