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Add new #define PARADISE for trying to add support for paradise
servers.  There are some issues that make bronco and paradise not
compatable, namely overlapping definitions of packet types (see
CP_PLANET or GENERIC_32).  Also paradise uses a different set
of global constants (GWIDTH and MAXPLAYER come to mind as
the biggest changes).  So for now, for testing with paradise, I will
simply flip the PARADISE define in config.h.
Added in the paradise packet types and packet handlers.  The
actual functionality is commented out, it needs a lot more work.
Client is able to connect to paradise server with no broken packet
types, so that's a good start.
Don't save INL servers in UDP metacache.
Rename xtrekrc to netrekrc.txt in the help window.

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 34) Added improved explanation to netrekrc for the bandwidth costs of using the
 4 new(ish) feature packets which actually increase bandwidth use.
+35) INL servers will no longer save in the UDP metacache file, so they won't
+show up on the metaserver listing unless people are actually on the server.
 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.2: (Released Mar-2007)
 - added "messageKeyOnly: (on)/off" so that you will only start messages with the actual