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A bunch of paradise additions, mostly separated by #ifdef's but a few things
impact outside that condition, which are listed below.
1) Added paradise ships (CL, CV, FL, JS, PT, UT, WB) bitmap set and
bitmaps for stars (local and map).
2) New function W_WriteRectangle, only used in paradise gridbox
drawing, but it's available for general use.
3) Removed unused PLCLEAR flag.  It overlapped with a paradise flag,
and it wasn't used at all with current code so I just removed it.
4) Moved the redrawall = 0 from near top of main map function to bottom.
I don't see any harm in doing this, and it was necessary to get a paradise
draw function to work.
5) The BIGBITMAP_WIDTH size was changed from 240x240 to 500x500
to accomodate MOTD pics from paradise servers.  Again I don't see any
harm in increasing size.  And this wasn't even used with bitmap storage,
the StoreBitmap() function had been completely phased out.
Along the way of adding in paradise functionality, numerous problems with
defines have come up, ie MAXSECTOR, GWIDTH, ship array, and most
seriously, overlapping packet types.
There are also very serious problems with overlapping p_flag and p_status
values, namely observers overlap with warp states and tournament queue
status.  Some p_whydead messages also overlap.  Also paradise servers
send phaser damage caps differently.
Things that could use work are the motd paging system (gutted it for sake
of simplicity), planet window (paradise has 2 planet windows, also sorting
doesn't work), a bunch of gridline/zoom options should be made into
netrekrc options.  The galactic zoom doesn't work.  Ships disappear while
warping (due to the aforementioned problem with PFOBSERV overlap
with PFWARP).  Most of the paradise packet types, including special
weapons and game parameters, are still not handled.  Gwidth is not
malleable based on paradise vs bronco server.  No color ship bitmaps
were added.  No special items other than stars were added.  No new
weapon types like fighters were added.  A bunch of keys like afterburners
and engage warp don't exist.  Info windows and rank windows not
working right with paradise.

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