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	star.bmp starm.bmp 
Log Message:
Paradise changes:
New folder in resources tree named paradise which contains all paradise
related bitmaps.
Added support for paradise shipyard graphics, stars, ships (mono and color),
and missiles,
Added several parallel defines to deal with the problem of overlapping defines
(ie PFOBSERV overlap with PFWARP).  Also things like planet graphics
having more bitmap frames due to shipyards.  It moves bronco and paradise
compatability further apart, but only by keeping them separate can I attempt
to get this to work, there's just too many conflicts to try to resolve.
Moved flagship (frigate?) to overlap with galaxy class in array of ship types,
seems best solution (overlap with AT was previous way).  GA and FL/FR
seem to be identical on the pserver.
Added new keys for engage warp (J), toggle warp (^j) and afterburners (.).
Apparently the bronco way of setting maxwarp (speed req to speed 99) is
the paradise way of requesting to engage warp, so that had to be switched
around a bit.
As for changes that effect bronco:
1) Added new dashboard message types for paradise, caused renumbering
of internal counter for impulse/stopped but this doesn't matter.
2) Found bug with plasma and torp fuses (mono) where the final frame was
not being drawn due to logic error regarding fuses.
3) Added check during receiving login packet, if the proper pad bits are
not set right, it will close client.  So running netrek.exe, you can't connect
to a paradise server.  Running paradise.exe, you can't connect to a 
bronco server.  Ideally would send user a popup box but ran into issue
with that, it was continually polling the password entry screen so that
popup box got sent behind the (now-frozen) netrek window.  Could use
some work, to close client properly AND send a popup box explaining

--- starm.bmp DELETED ---

--- star.bmp DELETED ---