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More bugs on paradise todo list.
Addition of 3rd metaserver.
Fix to cloak bug where ships would briefly be seen to flash when entering
tactical range.  Was introduced when cloaking sounds were added to
all ships.

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 Paradise issues:
 Motd paging system gutted for sake of simplicity
+Autologin with name and password seems to break any motd pics
 A bunch of gridline/zoom options should be made into netrekrc options.
 The galactic zoom doesn't work
 Some of the paradise packet types may need some work
@@ -48,6 +49,10 @@
 Info window not working right with paradise.
 Need popup box that works, when connecting to wrong server type
 CV army capacity is wrong
+Login messages are being sent to review window (mapped for kills and phasers), not all!
+Seems a commodore char doesn't have the proper rank info..player info is all blank.
+Kill messages are being sent to all, not review, why?
+Cambot playback is broken.  Packet handler needs updating.
 Wish list:
 1) Rewrite graphics engine using SDL

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