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Update todo list.
Fix typo in changes.txt.
Adds new icons/pointers for paradise planets, rather than sharing the same data structures as bronco planets, so that paradise planet bitmaps are always loaded into memory.  Which planet bitmaps to use depends on whether it is a paradise server or not.

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 if you fly into the NW corner of the galaxy.  this was never anticipated!
 6) Tractor on/off and pressor on/off option, rather than just tractor on, pressor on.
 Maybe with enforced state?
+7) Verbosity setting for logfile..phaser and torp warn messages can be very spammy.
 Paradise issues:
 1) Motd paging system gutted for sake of simplicity
@@ -51,6 +52,7 @@
 9) CV army capacity is wrong - waiting on word from server experts to the right value
 11) Playing back recordings made by linux pclient is probably impossible.
 12) Mysterious crash bug, not reproducible by me.
+13) Issue with phaser misses on latest paradise server? on whitestar at least
 Wish list:
 1) Rewrite graphics engine using SDL

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