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First pass at creating a dynamic rather than static shiplist.  Struct shiplist is a linked list of ships that contains all the ship info (fuel, hull, etc).  This shiplist is updated by shipcap packet.  Replaced old static shipvals struct.  Struct ship now has entries for keymaps and buttonmaps - this info has been moved out of the stats struct.  This eliminates the need for struct shipdef, which was just a static struct that held ship name and keymap/buttonmap strings.  Much of the keymap/buttonmap handling had to be redone, as well as initialization of ships and keymaps.
Still some bugs to work out, keymaps are not working right.
Going to remove the invidivual rcfile for each ship - this feature isn't very useful, as you can already define ship specific keymaps and buttonmaps in a single rc file.
This patch removed the last ifdef PARADISE so that config value is now set to defined for posterity purposes, but it doesn't do anything.

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+++ NetrekXP to do list.C	18 Apr 2008 03:42:34 -0000	1.163
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 14) Don't think there is gettarget support for astral bodies like nebulae and stars
 and black holes.  Might be an issue with macros.
 15) support variable # of ship types
+16) add terrain feature packet
+17) add POBSERV and PTQUEUE support
 Wish list:
 1) Rewrite graphics engine using SDL

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