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-Netrek XP 2009, Version 1.0: (Released April-2008)
+Netrek XP 2009, Version 1.0: (Released July-2008)
 General bug fixes:
 1) Fix to cloak bug where ships would briefly be seen to flash when entering
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 New features:
 1) Addition of 3rd metaserver to the metaserver list.
-2) Added support for new server feature packets (lame_refit and whydead_2).
+2) Added support for new server feature packets (lame_refit, whydead_2,
 3) Added new timerType option for displaying useful game-related timers like
 surrender, sb reconstruct, INL, and t mode duration.
+4) Added game paused message to local window (at TTS location) if server is
+paused, such as during an INL timeout.
 General changes:
 1) Removed option for ship specific netrekrc file (rcfile-<ship>).  Still can