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Added support for server feature packet TIPS.
Added netrekrc option "showTips".

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 showPlanetOwner:          (on/off) show planet owner on galaxy
 showStars:                (on/off) show background stars
 showStats:                (on/off) show ship statistics
+showTips:                 (on/off) show server generated tip messages
 showTractorPressor:       (on/off) show tractors and pressors
 shrinkPhaserOnMiss:       (on/off) don't draw phaser line on miss
 singleMacro:              (string) macro keys that will trigger macro without macro mode

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 to be sent to the client.
 8) Added netrekrc option "metaBroncoOnly" to only list Bronco/INL servers in
 the list of servers provided by the aggregate metaservers.
+9) Added support for server feature packet TIPS.  This clears the MOTD window
+and provides tips on how to improve your play based on data the server records
+of your current session.
+10) Added netrekrc option "showTips" to choose whether or not to display the
+server tip messages supplied by TIPS.
 Netrek XP 2009, Version 1.0: (Released July-2008)