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Fix bug where font size was not saving properly.
Fix typos in some netrekrc option descriptions.
Fix bug where p_stats.st_rank was not initialized.
Design flaw fix - playerlist is displayed before player
log in.  Client does not know whether server is paradise
or bronco.  Client receives other player login packets
including rank.  Packets were being discarded due to
sanity check on rank.  Sanity check moved to places
where rank is displayed, rather than discarding packets.

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+++ changes.txt	28 Mar 2009 02:50:16 -0000	1.210
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 window to have a red background.
 6) Fixed bug causing ship values on dashboard to not display properly when
 upgrades were bought in sturgeon.
+7) Fixed bug where font size was not saving properly.
 New features:
 1) Warning messages are no longer logged.  Cuts down on logfile spam.