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 # 2 - gray
 allowWheelActions:        (on/off) allow mouse wheel to work in non-scrolling windows
-autoPhaser:               (on/off) auto aim phasers
 autoQuit:                 (int) autoquit time after death
 autoRotate:               (on/off) automatically rotate galaxy so teams are on left side of map
 autoSetWar:               (0-2) declare war with enemy races when you first join
@@ -325,7 +324,6 @@
 udpDebug:                 (0/1) debug UDP traffic
 udpSequenceCheck:         (on/off) check UDP sequence
 updatesPerSec:            (1-50 generally) how many data updates per second to request from server
-useAllFeatures:           (on/off) turn on all feature packets regardless of server setting
 useCheckPlanets:          (on/off) crosscheck with server to make sure planet info always correct
 useFullShipInfo:          (on/off) display other ships to 256 directions instead of 16
 useFullWeapInfo:          (on/off) support showing more weapon info on galaxy map

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 3) Cambot playback now works for paradise recordings made by paradise clients.
 4) Removed RSA verification as this is now deprecated server side.  Using new
 client identification method as defined in server.
-5) Added netrekrc option "useAllFeatures" to ignore server settings for
-info/control feature packets.
-6) Added netrekrc option "autoPhaser" to phaser exact location of enemy target
-closest to cursor.  Enemy must be within phaser range of your ship.
 Netrek XP 2009, Version 1.0: (Released July-2008)