I recently set up a new pickup hockey server. (The short 
version of the story is that the hockey community considered 
this important given what was happening over on the previous
pickup hockey server.)  I am using Vanilla-2.9pl6.  The server 
has been set to solicit players via the metaservers.  The 
.metaservers file looks like (pretty much straight out of
metaservers-HowTo): 3521 60 120 H 2592 2593 open 3521 60 120 H 2592 2593 open 3521 60 120 H 2592 2593 open

The problem:  When a player logs into the server, the typical
result is for two of the three metaservers to indicate that the 
server is "flooding" the metaserver, as in:

-h                   -p 2592    0  * Flooding          R   H

(Generally, one of or end up listing
the server with players, while the other one and
end up with "* Flooding". Which of the two us metaservers ends up
flooding appears to be random.)

   Whatever it is that I am doing to flood the metaservers
(and I assume that this is at least slightly antisocial behaviour)
I would like to stop doing it.  I would appreciate any and all 
suggestions regarding how to get my server to behave normally on the

   Thank you for your time. 

                                      / Ken. Hanson, Ph.D.
                                     /  Mirror Laboratories