Quoting Ken. Hanson <ken at mirrorlab.org>:

>    Whatever it is that I am doing to flood the metaservers
> (and I assume that this is at least slightly antisocial behaviour)
> I would like to stop doing it.  I would appreciate any and all 
> suggestions regarding how to get my server to behave normally on the
> metaservers.

You're not doing anything.  The last released tarball has a race
condition in the flooding determination.  Both sides set the minimum
time elapsed to the same value.  That depends on consistent packet
travel time across the net.  If the first packet in a 2 packet
sequence takes 500ms (arbitrary number) to get to the metaserver the
flooding code will kick in if the second packet's travel time is
anything less than 500ms.

The CVS repository has that fixed for quite some time now.

--Carlos V.