On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 05:03:00PM +0100, Mattias Nordlund wrote:
> When I looked at the metserver it said that this server was flooding, how
> come? And if, how do I fix it so it meets your demands. 

It has to not send solicitations too fast.  If you were starting and
stopping the server a few times a minute, this might happen.  Looking at
the listing now, the problem does not seem to be present.

If you have modified the update rate check code in ntserv/solicit.c to
increase it beyond the coded limit, then the flooding trigger is likely
to go off.

If you have not modified this code, then it may have been due to your
starts and stops of the server.  If you can get it to go into flooding
state without starting and stopping the server, we wan't to know what to
fix in the server code.

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