Date:	Tuesday June 27, 2000 @ 18:04
Author:	ahn

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Updated Continuous Scoring support and some docs.


Index: Vanilla/ChangeLog
diff -u Vanilla/ChangeLog:1.84 Vanilla/ChangeLog:1.85
--- Vanilla/ChangeLog:1.84	Fri Jun 23 06:18:24 2000
+++ Vanilla/ChangeLog	Tue Jun 27 18:04:48 2000
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+Tue Jun 27 19:39:01 EDT 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>
+	* robots/inl*.c: Changed continuous scoring differential to 1.5.
+	* *README*: Updated some docs.
 Fri Jun 23 22:14:47 2000  James Cameron <quozl at>
 	* ntserv/ntscmds.c (do_admin): addition of administration commands
@@ -985,4 +991,4 @@
  	update_sys_defaults in updateMessages to a more appropriate
  	location - updateClient in socket.c.
-	$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.84 2000/06/23 11:18:24 cameron Exp $
+	$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.85 2000/06/27 23:04:48 ahn Exp $
Index: Vanilla/INSTALL.RSA
diff -u Vanilla/INSTALL.RSA:1.2 Vanilla/INSTALL.RSA:1.3
--- Vanilla/INSTALL.RSA:1.2	Wed Mar 17 19:04:15 1999
+++ Vanilla/INSTALL.RSA	Tue Jun 27 18:04:48 2000
@@ -1,19 +1,21 @@
-What you need to do in addition to INSTALL to get RSA working.
+What you need to do in addition to INSTALL to get RSA working.  Thanks to
+recent changes in US export regulations, this process is now a lot easier.
+If you have previous versions of US/Euro RES-RSA, please upgrade now.
+June 27, 2000
-	0)  install gmp from [optional for U.S RES-RSA]
+	0)  install gmp from [optional]
 	1)  fetch the res-rsa package,
-	2)  decrypt the package,
-	3)  untar in res-rsa directory within Vanilla,
-	4)  follow INSTALL.
+	2)  untar in res-rsa directory within Vanilla,
+	3)  follow INSTALL.
-[If you are using U.S. RES-RSA 2.9 or higher, the MP/GMP stuff is optional.]
+[The MP/GMP stuff is optional.]
 Obtain gmp and install it on your system.  You will probably need the
 libmpbsd.a library, which is not built by default.  To build it in gmp,
@@ -21,22 +23,25 @@
 Red Hat Linux RPMs of gmp that contain this library are available from
+Download the latest RES-RSA module from either:
-Fetch the res-rsa package.  There are legal precautions you may need to take,
-because the source code is classified by the US Government as a munition, and
-exporting it without license is illegal.  There are alternate copies in Europe,
-and a rumour of a PGP based module.
-Decrypt the package.  The key is available from the Vanilla development team,
-provided you convince them that you are a US citizen.
-Untar the package into the res-rsa directory within the Vanilla tree.  Since
-you are reading this file, you have likely already got the Vanilla tree
+The latest version should be 2.9.2 or higher.
+Non-US users may download RES-RSA.  All users must read README* and LICENSE*
+files bundled with RES-RSA before proceeding.
 Now execute configure as per INSTALL.
+Untar RES-RSA into the res-rsa/ directory within Vanilla.  Be sure to copy
+or move the files appropriately.  The procedure should be something like:
+	% cd Vanilla/
+	% mv res-rsa res-rsa.old
+	% gzip -cd res-rsa-2.9.2.tar.gz | tar xvf -
+	% mv res-rsa-2.9.2 res-rsa
 After building and installing, make sure you run updated at least once, to
 get the keys from the metaserver, then set CONFIRM=1 in .sysdef and