Date:	Wednesday November 8, 2000 @ 14:07
Author:	ahn

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Removed entries that have been fixed.


Index: Vanilla/PROJECTS
diff -u Vanilla/PROJECTS:1.82 Vanilla/PROJECTS:1.83
--- Vanilla/PROJECTS:1.82	Tue Oct 31 22:46:07 2000
+++ Vanilla/PROJECTS	Wed Nov  8 14:07:35 2000
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-$Id: PROJECTS,v 1.82 2000/11/01 04:46:07 cameron Exp $	
+$Id: PROJECTS,v 1.83 2000/11/08 20:07:35 ahn Exp $	
 List of things to do in the future
@@ -37,8 +37,6 @@
 	  Timestamps would have helped me determine which messages in ERRORS
-	- integrate robotd sources into Vanilla build,
 	- mark's changes, if p_y or p_x = 100000, ship oscillates
 	  [mark hasn't come back to me on that, it awaits him]
@@ -51,11 +49,6 @@
 	- all the code in the robots/ directory really need some
 	  serious cleanup.  the whole thing is a mess.
-	- end-tourney should really be tossed.  stats should be
-	  computed in-memory by the robot rather than relying on
-	  an external script to parse the output of ltd_dump.  it's
-	  way too slow.
 	- base players would like a way to turn off docking for
 	  particular players, as an abuse prevention and creation
@@ -118,13 +111,8 @@
 	- make GAMETIME response two lines if team name too long [low]
-	- future: revamp stats DB to hold stats instead of post-processing
-	  [low] [done -dka]
 	- observer can change teams?
-	- post game inl core dump, had to restart from .sysdef
 	- force known team name for REGISTER
 	- INL robot entry voted in from pickup, do not do odds/evens swapping,
@@ -141,18 +129,6 @@
 	- could not rejoin after genocide/conquer, (fix daemon to use
 	  non-final why-dead flag),  (possible fix, Villalpando 1999-jun)
-INL robot problems reported by ahn at
-	- at the end of an INL game, any player stats accumulated from
-	  his last death until end-game can be lost.  the reason is
-	  that player stats are saved only when he dies or ghostbusts.
-	  since end_tourney and other stat processing is done before
-	  the player slot is saved, the reported stats will be
-	  incorrect.  for example, if a starbase does not die before
-	  end-game, the stats will show that the starbase wasn't even
-	  in the game.
-	  (possible fix made by Carlos; it seems to work properly, but
-	  we'll wait on more testing to be sure.  -dka)
 INL observations by quozl at