On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 11:49:47AM -0800, Carlos Y. Villalpando wrote:
> Wow. really old keys too.

Yeah, a lot of them could probably be removed.

> > Also, Karthik commented that connections to clientkeys.netrek.org
> > can be slow.
> Really?  There really shouldn't be any connection problems to my place
> of work.  Could be a point-to-point problem.

Dunno.  Ask Kart.

> >  If you want to move clientkeys off of brain, you can run it from
> > genocide.
> Soon, I may, since we're about 6 months from a "deny-all-incoming"
> firewall.  I show up to all the requirements meetings, but I don't
> think I can sneak in the metaserver ports without raising an
> eyebrow. *grin*

Heh.  I've moved most of my Netrek stuff off .edu already.

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