On 31 Oct 2000, Dave Ahn wrote:
> It doesn't have anything to do with the RSA patent having expired.  Linux
> distributors prefer to build the packages from the source directly.  They
> can do this, but the blessed binary would have an invalid key that isn't
> on the key server.  We'd either have to 1) trust the distributors and
> accept their client keys without question; or 2) build binary-only packages
> ourselves and get the distributors to accept it.
> I prefer the latter.

What key size are we using (56bit?) RSA algorithms are being
broken with efforts such as www.distributed.net
Does expiration of RSA copyright have any impact on ease of
cracking RSA key size? Why do we even have RSA encryption in
first place? Is RSA essential to netrek and future vanilla
releases? If so, why?


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