Ftp.netrek.org, the crackaddict clue servers, pickled, and hockey will
remain down for about 12 hours or so. I replaced all the disks in the
machine they're on, and it's going to take 10 hours for the RAID parity

They will be back up before Sunday afternoon, in case there are any clue
games scheduled then.

- Karthik

On Sat, 11 Nov 2000, Dave Ahn wrote:

> ftp.netrek.org will be unavailable for a bit.  Apparently one of the disks
> failed.  Until it is back up, please use the alternate mirrors.
> 	http://www.netrek.org/pub/
> 	ftp://ftp3.netrek.org/pub/netrek/
> 	ftp://ftp2.netrek.org/pub/netrek/  (slow)
> Incidentally, this is the same machine that runs the pickled pickup
> server and the crackaddict.com clue servers.  So those netrek servers will
> also be available for a short time.