For those not subscribed to the dev list, some of the following bug fixes
may be of interest.  All code should be considered beta.

Wed Nov 15 01:35:41 EST 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>

        * ntserv/enter.c: New ships get green alert flag at entry.  This
        is needed for the udplayerghost() in daemonII.c so that a new
        player who enters during a pause can quit out immediately.

        * ntserv/daemonII.c: We can finally ignore complaints about the
        no-quit bug in the INL robot.  Players couldn't quit because player
        slot maintenance wasn't being done during a game pause.  PEXPLODE
        would never get updated to PDEAD.  This has been fixed.  Also,
        I've added a ghostbust timer during the pause.  It should work
        but I haven't tested it.

Tue Nov 14 23:16:05 EST 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>

        * robots/inl.c: Fix core dump at inl robot restart.

Fri Nov 10 22:28:58 EST 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>

        * robots/ Run at endgame.

        * robots/ Send game stats automatically to
        netrek-stats at

Sat Nov  4 18:51:21 EST 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>

        * robots/inl*.c: Fix INL robot core dump.  Fix bugs in continuous

Wed Nov  1 00:47:45 EST 2000  Dave Ahn <ahn at>

        * robots/inl*.c: Change continuous score differential to 2.0.
        Remove debug messages.  Flush out scores at end-game.

        * docs/README.scores: Update docs on continuous score.

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