I´m currectly porting the Vanilla-2.9pl6 server so that it can run under
Windows making use of UWin.
    The second atempt is finished and is avaiable at
ftp://ftp.netrek.org/pub/netrek/servers/vanilla/NT/Netrek-UWin-2.9pl6.zip .

    Could someone test it and check if based on the same configuration it
behaves as the original version ?

    I did some testing but not sure it´s OK. Yesterday it was working fine(?)
but today I was unable to play at all. I connected the client, choose the
user, then the group then nothing more would happen. After removing all dot
files and instaling it it worked again. Seems some file got corrupted but
nothing showed up at ERROR or log or logfile.

    Later without any connected client players was showing a user(mine user)
in the list. tryed xtkill and stoping the server but the suer remained in the
list. After rebooting the machine (another reason to do that) the players list
came back to the normal, only showing users when one is conected.

    Thanks in advance,

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