Weird, I think the problem may be related to the firewall but its a cow
problem. At home ZA is set to high security and Cow does not lock when
connecting to an internet server. At work I saw Cow hunging up a couple of
time and I imagined that it was because the UWin netrek server I was using
had a problem in the porting process. When the client hunted up there was no
firewall between the server and the client, sometimes bow were running in
the same machine, always in the same network segment.
    It may be a coincidence or not but once while looking in the
second(first?) client window (the one that looks like a dos windows) the
last message was about rsa verification.

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> >To my embaressment, I've found that if you set the Internet settings of
> >ZoneAlarm to "medium", and give netrek full privileges, a netrek client
> >works fine after all.
> >
>     What kind of problem are you having with ZoneAlarm ? Wich client are
> using ?
> Several people have reported that if you keep your Internet security
> settings on "High", your client will lock up as soon as you get in, no
> matter what privileges you give netrek.  I use Cow 2.
> -Dan
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