On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Tom Holub wrote:
> The patent process is meant to stimulate technological development by
> allowing companies/inventors time to recoup the costs of development.  

The patent process is controlled by intellectual property lawyers.  The
purpose of the patent process is to make money for IP lawyers.

They do this by allowing a company to patent every conceivable thought that
one of their employees has, as well as the unpatented/patented thoughts of
other companies.  Companies then sue each other, with the patents being a mere
excuse created by the patent office's IP lawyers.  These lawsuits allow a
bigger company to beat a smaller company with attrition.  Both companies have
their money drained into the pockets of IP lawyers until the smaller company
runs out.  The IP lawyers, who are the ones running the patent office and
creating IP law, like this system they have created very much.