I pointed a novice user at the Linux FAQ entry on installing GNU
software, and at the COW .tar.gz file, and they had considerable

So I've made some minor changes to the packaging of COW, to bring
it into line with other source packages.

a) the .tar.gz created by "make dist" will now unpack into a version 
specific subdirectory, 

b) a file INSTALL has been created, giving generic installation 

c) a file README has been created, which points at INSTALL, section 8.0
of the COW.DOC file, and other documentation files.

d) a file ChangeLog has been creation, which will help programmers who
use Emacs as their preferred editor.  Other editors have functions to
add ChangeLog entries as well.

I haven't yet figured out why "make install" does not work ... it says
"install: too few arguments".

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