Date:	Thursday April 26, 2001 @ 19:45
Author:	cameron

Update of /home/netrek/cvsroot/Vanilla/xsg
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Significant build environment changes from Benjamin `Quisar' Lerman
which do the following;

- permit compilation with CWD outside source tree,
- include robotd in server build,
- add configure --with-gum flag,
- add configure --with-inl flag, (still needs to adjust .sysdef)
- change configure detection of signal style,
- allow environment variables CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to be set before configure,
- fix a pledit core dump,
- change robotd to use limits.h instead of values.h

All Makefiles are now removed, replaced by files, which
configure uses to generate the Makefiles.

Also includes some minor fixes by James Cameron.  See ChangeLog


Index: Vanilla/xsg/x11window.c
diff -u Vanilla/xsg/x11window.c:1.1 Vanilla/xsg/x11window.c:1.2
--- Vanilla/xsg/x11window.c:1.1	Wed Nov 11 20:44:55 1998
+++ Vanilla/xsg/x11window.c	Thu Apr 26 19:45:21 2001
@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@
 W_Color W_Yellow=YELLOW, W_Cyan=CYAN, W_Grey=GREY;
 int W_Textwidth, W_Textheight;
 char *getdefault();
-char *strdup();
 static XClassHint class_hint = {
 	"xsg", "X Show Galaxy",