Date:	Monday April 30, 2001 @ 4:13
Author:	cameron

Update of /home/netrek/cvsroot/Vanilla/ntserv
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Modified Files:
Log Message:
	* tools/ltd_dump.c: add ability to query LTD statistics by player
	name.  Planned for use with a PHP script to display LTD
	statistics.  Maybe it is time for a database back-end for the
	.players file.  Need to do some thinking about this.

	* tools/players.c (main): change "Display" to "Host name".

	* ntserv/distress.c (makedistress): core dump on continuum, an RCD
	was being decoded for transmission to slot R0 "arizzi" from a slot
	(Xc) which was now in login, with a p_team of 15, causing the
	APPEND_CAP macro to (probably) wander off.


Index: Vanilla/ntserv/distress.c
diff -u Vanilla/ntserv/distress.c:1.3 Vanilla/ntserv/distress.c:1.4
--- Vanilla/ntserv/distress.c:1.3	Mon May 31 20:53:22 1999
+++ Vanilla/ntserv/distress.c	Mon Apr 30 04:13:03 2001
@@ -286,7 +286,8 @@
 	    case 'O':		/* push a 3 character team name into buf */
 	      cap = 1;
 	    case 'o':		/* push a 3 character team name into buf */
-	      APPEND_CAP (pbuf1, cap, teamshort[sender->p_team]);
+	      if (sender->p_team != ALLTEAM)
+		APPEND_CAP (pbuf1, cap, teamshort[sender->p_team]);
 	      cap = 0;
 	    case 'a':		/* push army number into buf */