On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Dave Ahn wrote:
> I've had a chance to look more closely at Trent's changes to genspkt.c.
> The reason why the original version had two copies of the updatePlayerStats
> is because when LTD_STATS are defined, all of the p_stats.st_* variables
> are no longer part of the player stat struct.  So you can't just set

So they aren't in the structure at all?  I thought maybe they were just not

> their values using the ltd_* functions (which logically is a bad thing
> to do anyway, since sending stats to the client shouldn't change the
> stat structure content itself).

I agree with that, but there are lots of places in the packet code that do it. 
Like the setEnemy() call in updateStatus(), or the INL robot thing that's in

> I'll get around to fixing this when I fiddle with the INL robot again
> to add Dan/Kevin's snapshot scoring.  Until then, league servers using

I think I can fix this without too much trouble.