I think that I've got the setup program fixed. It seems that when the Inno
Setup program compresses the pixmaps it corrupts them. I copied the pixmaps
in their original tgz file format with the setup program, and then included
a uncompression program to unzip them on the target end.

I think I've got almost all of the bugs worked out and I'm ready to upload
it to a location for testing. ftp.netrek.org ? Are there any other clients
that could use this 'seamless' installation?

As for Linux, I found a few setup programs on www.downloads.com but none
seem to work. (Rust and Noodle) RPM is the only was to go in doing this. I
know that Red Hat & Mandrake support RPMs, but do the other main
distributors support them? Rust is an GUI RPM creator, but I had no luck
compiling. The Noodle installer is a PERL program that looks promising, but
I can get the files in the correct format for the program.

>Very nice.  I think you have all that is needed for an rc editor
>right there.  Any point in contineuing with writing another?  :)

Do want me to continue developing in this area?