On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 06:23:10PM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> As long as we are moving in the same direction, I don't have a problem.
> If you want a mini-server for clients to be able to run, fine, I am doing
> that.  If you want to have scenarios to teach newbies how to take planets
> and ogg starbases, fine, I will do that to.  Don't want to use my code,
> don't want to run my server?  I am not staying up late worrying about it.

This is precisely why netrek hasn't changed in years.  New people come in
wanting to contribute to the project but simply insist on writing everything
from scratch in their own way for their own purpose.  We seem to have lost
any sense of collaboration.

It would be great to have a client-side server that can train newbies and
do all the things you want to explore.  Maybe you will succeed, and your
server will be superb.  Good luck.  And don't forget to upload stuff to
ftp.netrek.org where your work can be archived.

> I am not trying to flame anyone or trash netrek entirely, although I do so
> hate the game, but I am merely explaining what my goals and reasons for
> doing a rewrite are.

I apologize for trying to leverage your efforts for the bigger community.
Building/rebuilding on top of existing software would be better for us
but is obviously not very appealing to you, particularly in light of how
much you hate netrek.

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