That statement is part sarcasm.  Just for the record, I hate Netrek
because I am not good it. Yes I still play Netrek sometimes, maybe 30
minutes or an hour a week, no where near what I put into it back in

Instead of me trying to play it and become good at it, I am trying to do
something new and different that could increase my skill set and make me
more money in the future.  Also I wanted to do something more educational
to pull people who could code into the Netrek community.  The idea is that
newbies who start writing bots for Netrek would first need to learn what
it is about, and maybe after writing a few bots they would want to get
involved at a higher level.

I am willing to help out with the core netrek code, but I don't have
access to UNIX/Linux right now and probably won't have my old Linux box up
and running again until next month or so.  I guess one of the biggest
things that could be done with netrek is probably to make some design
documents for it.  Has this ever been brought up?


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I apologize for trying to leverage your efforts for the bigger community.
Building/rebuilding on top of existing software would be better for us
but is obviously not very appealing to you, particularly in light of how
much you hate netrek.
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