Trust me, Java sux.  The benefit of writing in Java was to be able to
support, download, and execute bots that other people write.  Java allows
you to run other code under different security from the main process, so
you can limit people from accessing methods that you don't want them to.
The other point was that more new programmers are probably learning Java
more than C or C++, and it would be easier to support Java written bots
with a Java based client.  It is true that one could write a JNI interface
for the bots to work with the C code but that is a path I didn't want to
go down.


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On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 08:00:04AM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> I remember that was one goal of my porting the server code to work on
> My goals have slightly increased and I wanted to also make it possible
> people to write their own robots, and maybe steal some of the thunder
> robo-soccer.  I have switched to rewriting the server in Java.  It still
> remains to be seen if the server can realistically handle 16+ clients,
> the code currently isn't really that optimized and it will have to wait
> until January or so when I can test it.

Why Java?  We have it in C now.  The server code has nothing in it that
should not execute fine as C compiled under Cygwin, in order to simulate
the Netrek universe.  The only issue left is to merge the code into a
monolithic process rather than split processes.  For that we need some
heavy C clue and a bit of time.

This would be for the Cygwin port only, not for UNIX.  The advantage of
split processes is considerable.

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