If someone is new to Netrek, how do they learn to play?  Well if there
friend didn't get them hooked, they have to go and find various FAQs and
Newbie/Twink guides then go online and play.  If on continuum you see
someone in core playing around, cloaking and de-cloaking, tractoring and
repulsing other players, and otherwise being an all-around core twink,
what do we do. Someone sends him a message that he is a "twink."  He might
not even know what a twink is, but he might feel that he was insulted.
Which of course he shouldn't because he IS a twink.

In single-player mode, a player can see what netrek is about.  He can try
out the different commands and decide if he wants to investigate it more.
If he does, he can try out some of the scenarios.  How do you ogg?  How do
you sync on a base?  Even the simple question of how do you take a planet
could be answered before he logs in, I don't mean any strategies about
taking a planet but more of the sequence of getting a kill, orbitting a
friendly planet, loading armies, orbitting a non-friendly planet, and
dropping armies.  Oops did you have your war settings right?  That's right
twink, you got to know how to use that also. Now that you know the
mechanisms of that, let's see you take a planet with an escort that is
being defended.  No twink, don't just go for the planet, there is no rush.
Or let's see you escort a robot taking the planet, det twink, det. There
are so many simple scenarios that could be done to help those twinks out


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On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 07:37:21PM -0500, Dave Ahn wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 04:42:04PM -0500, Jeffrey Nowakowski wrote:
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> > I disagree.  There are too many people with bad connections out there.
> Broadband is here.  While a lot of people do have bad connections
> modem-only), I think that most people who try out netrek for the first
> time will either already be computer-savvy or be at least network
> If their connections are really that bad, then training them for a
couple of
> hours on their local servers won't go very far in retaining them when
> get rewled repeatedly the first time they login to a real server.

As a game player, I am much more likely to futz around with a game where
I don't have to worry about other people at first.  Playing against other
people when you don't have any idea what's going on is intimidating.
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