On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 09:27:18AM +1100, James Cameron wrote:

> Yes, I know how to thread it, but having been there and done both
> threading and event driven models over my (ahem) 20 years professional
> programming career, I'm certain that an event driven model would be

"Sonny, back when I was a young man..."

> - Netrek does not need to restrict the developer base by choosing a
>   difficult technology.  We need to do the reverse.

> 	http://www.softpanorama.org/People/Ousterhout/Threads/


That's pretty funny.  Wizard?  Who calls programmers wizards these days?
I feel like I should grow a long(er) beard, put on a robe and wave my
large cane like an old geezer.

Wait a minute, I'm already a crusty old ...

> You start on the threading, I'll start on the event driven model.
> Show us the code.  Who will judge between us?

There is no real conceptual difference between using processes + signals
+ shm and threads + condition variables, both of which can be used to
simulate an event driven model under MP/MT.

I think the main reason to stay with processes is because it gives us
isolation.  ntserv still has bugs, and it's a good thing that a segfault
doesn't crash daemonII and other ntserv's.  Threads will hurt us there.

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