On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 11:47:04AM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> I see what you are thinking.  Should the scenarios just be some simple
> script that displays messages and expects that certain actions or
> conditions occur in an amount of time?  For example if it says press '5'
> for warp 5, should it disable most of the other keys other than 5?

In other games, most other behaviour is disabled to ensure that the
player does not get confused. Yes, the script should expect certain
conditions to be met before proceeding.

> If we have bots anyway, should have a way of having a "ghost" ship
> demonstrating certain manuevers and actions?  For some things it doesn't
> make sense, but for escorting or synching we can either script the
> escorting and synching demonstration or playback a netrek game that
> demonstrates it.

This would be quite cool, especially for the more advanced topics. It
could show the player how to do it, and then ask the player to do it
themselves. I.e. lock on the planet, orbit it, beam down armies, take it.
The planet could be reset to 3 armies or whatever, and the player could
be asked to do the same.

> Is it necessary to be able to have a floating cursor or to change the
> colors on the player's screen to draw his attention to certain things?

This would definately be nice. The existing hilighting code may be sufficient.

An expanding halo around the planet?

I would be willing to put in time on this project as well.


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