I see what you are thinking.  Should the scenarios just be some simple
script that displays messages and expects that certain actions or
conditions occur in an amount of time?  For example if it says press '5'
for warp 5, should it disable most of the other keys other than 5?

If we have bots anyway, should have a way of having a "ghost" ship
demonstrating certain manuevers and actions?  For some things it doesn't
make sense, but for escorting or synching we can either script the
escorting and synching demonstration or playback a netrek game that
demonstrates it.

Is it necessary to be able to have a floating cursor or to change the
colors on the player's screen to draw his attention to certain things?


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The final conclusion could throw a whole bunch of the techniques
together with very few 'pause' messages. Upon completion, they could
have their name registered in some Netrek academy registry available
online or something.

Think this would be useful?

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