On Sunday 09 December 2001 12:45, Trent Piepho wrote:
> > No, it's just a bug. It's not that serious that we should revoke the key.
> > But for the next release it must be definitly fixed.
> >
> > I'm only against introducing a bug as a feature.
> If it's not serious enough to revoke the key, then why is it serious to not
> allow other clients to do?  I get requests form people asking me to add
> continuous mouse into paradise 2000 because they miss it from their windows
> client.
> It sounds to me like you're saying that continuous mouse is borg, unless
> you use windows, then it's not borg enough to matter.  Or is there some
> kind of statute of limitations on borgs, so if you RSA bless a borg and no
> one complains then you can't revoke the key when people do notice?

I do not imply, continuous mouse is a borg feature. Fact is it is a 
questionable feature, where people have different opinion on whether it is 
borgish or not.

And COW policy is that it is a client out of any questions. So that's why we 
introduced the feature packets, to let the server GOD decide what he thinks 
is borgish or not.

To be pragmatic, for a questionable feature like this, we should not react so 
hard to remove the keys imediatly, but we should fix it to eliminate any 
possible doubt for future. Lateron we still may decide on removing the old 

So the better way is to convince the server GODs to turn the feature on, on 
the server.


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