On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Shaun Foley wrote:
> I think the socket communication could be classified in a category similar
> to the continuousMouse.  It may be borgish, perhaps not, but due to the
> questionable nature, it may be better to remove it.  I think it would be
> helpful if they used normal message boards, however, since it would make
> observing/reviewing these games much more interesting.  Who wants to stare
> at an empty team board the entire game?

This is getting silly.  Next you're going to say the it's unfair for a robot
to communicate directly with the server.  They have to run a normal blessed
client and use image and shape recognition on the client's display to play. 
They also have to use fake mouse motion events to play, otherwise they could
torp and phaser in two directions at the same time.  And they need to speak
english to communicate.  If they just uuecode binary data and send that
over the message system it's cheating.