I guess the question come back to what our are individual goals.  One of
my goals was to create a totally autonomous netrek team that could beat
the best the INL could muster, but it wasn't the most important one.  The
most important goal I had was to setup a league and the infrastructure to
allow other people to write their own bots and compete with them.  We are
not the first ones that thought of creating bots for netreks, and other
people have made bots before.  But then how many of these bots are
currently maintained, and did the creation of these bots lead to more
people playing netrek or even more people creating bots?

I don't want this endeavor to reach a dead-end like most of the previous
work.  If we create a robotic netrek league, we can push having different
classifications of bots and allowing team plus individual entry.  Because
we would have a league, it wouldn't matter that much if people drop out
later on, and by making it more public we might be able to sucker the
public in general to participate in our competitions.  Who knows, someone
could probably sucker their local IEEE, ACM, AAAI, or AUVS to sponser
something like that.

How many years are we planning on participating in this endeavor?  And
will we still participate if we beat an INL team, or on the other hand,
never even getting close to beating a chaos team?


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I also intend to have the bot teams run simulations for several
hundred hours between themselves before daring to introduce them to the
INL. :-)

> Also, you then don't have to worry about people using global variables.
> Cleaning up the code is going to be a major project and really isn't
> it.

Most of the code is actually quite simple. I plan to have the basic
functions complete in only a few hours of work. It won't be today, but
we'll see about Wednesday.

I will make every attempt to ensure that the results of the effort can
be re-used by others.

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