I'm willing to keep a bot hanging around on a server that others can compete
against.  Does anybody have a good server that would accept bots?


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> I guess the question come back to what our are individual goals.  One of
> my goals was to create a totally autonomous netrek team that could beat
> the best the INL could muster, but it wasn't the most important one.  The
> most important goal I had was to setup a league and the infrastructure to
> allow other people to write their own bots and compete with them.  We are
> not the first ones that thought of creating bots for netreks, and other
> people have made bots before.  But then how many of these bots are
> currently maintained, and did the creation of these bots lead to more
> people playing netrek or even more people creating bots?
> I don't want this endeavor to reach a dead-end like most of the previous
> work.  If we create a robotic netrek league, we can push having different
> classifications of bots and allowing team plus individual entry.  Because
> we would have a league, it wouldn't matter that much if people drop out
> later on, and by making it more public we might be able to sucker the
> public in general to participate in our competitions.  Who knows, someone
> could probably sucker their local IEEE, ACM, AAAI, or AUVS to sponser
> something like that.
> How many years are we planning on participating in this endeavor?  And
> will we still participate if we beat an INL team, or on the other hand,
> never even getting close to beating a chaos team?
> Darryl
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> I also intend to have the bot teams run simulations for several
> hundred hours between themselves before daring to introduce them to the
> INL. :-)
> > Also, you then don't have to worry about people using global variables.
> > Cleaning up the code is going to be a major project and really isn't
> worth
> > it.
> Most of the code is actually quite simple. I plan to have the basic
> functions complete in only a few hours of work. It won't be today, but
> we'll see about Wednesday.
> I will make every attempt to ensure that the results of the effort can
> be re-used by others.
> mark