From: "Jeffrey Nowakowski" <jeffno at>

> "Daniel Damouth" <ddamout1 at> wrote:
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> > Sophisticated methods of communicating, such as beeplite, are considered
> > cheating/borgish.
> You can't use "borgish" as a criteria of what to put/not put into a
> robot team.  By it's very nature the robot is "borgish".  As long as
> the robot isn't getting any special help from the server it isn't
> cheating.

There are plenty of ways to cheat that don't involve the server.  A big
reason for having "blessed" clients is to prevent the kind of cheating that
Mark's bots will do.

If a robot is doing things that are illegal for a human to do, such as
communicating through sockets with other clients, it is cheating.

Dan Damouth